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It is cool & responsive

Its cool to do nothing – and you get sensitive and responsive!

Idleness ist not just a a vacation, an indulgence or a vice. 
It is as indispensable to the brain as Vitamin D is to the body. 
And deprived from it you a suffering a mental affliction as disfiguring as rickets. 
The space and quiet idleness provides is a necessary condition for standing 
back from life and seeing it whole, from making unexpected connections 
and waiting for the wild summer night´s lightning strikes of inspiration. 
It is, paradoxically, necessary for getting any work done. 

Tim KreidlerWe learn Nothing – chapter: Lazy / A Manifesto


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christos - September 3, 2013 Reply

Do you see any Teletubbies in here? Do you see a slender plastic tag clipped to my shirt with my name printed on it? Do you see a little Asian child with a blank expression on his face sitting outside on a mechanical helicopter that shakes when you put quarters in it? N

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